A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Kali, vengeful god who... tries to build a wall.
As a divine building worker you've got six arms and only two buttons to use.

Hold Z to stop highlighted arm.
Release Z to cycle through arms.
Hold X to rotate highlighted forearm.
Release X to change rotation direction.
Grab a mortar and a brick, make a wall.

press 'f' for fullscreen,
'esc' to exit game at any moment,
'r' to restart game.

Game made in 48 hours for a Game Maker's Toolkit Jam (oh hi, Mark)
Theme: Downwell's Dual PurposeDesign
In Kali The Bricklayer I utilised multi-purpose system by giving player only two buttons to control six arms, six forearms and six hands, each grabbing and laying mortar and bricks.

Game made in Game Maker: Studio 1.4
Assets drawn in Photoshop cs6
sadly, no sound...

*may contain trace amounts of bugs

Install instructions

single execution file built in GM studio, no installation needed


KaliTheBricklayer.exe 2 MB